Hold Ctrl and roll over the grid to quickly select squares. Hold Shift to quickly deselect. Click the button with the blue square to select all, or the button with the white square to deselect all. The button with the gray square disables/enables the object placement shadow.

This is a fan-made stage editor based on the one in the upcoming game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Little is known about the in-game editor, so I don't make any guarantees that this one will produce stages anything like the real game. If there are any glaring inaccuracies, bugs, or if you have any comments, contact me at mntorankusu at gmail dot com.

You can't overlap objects in the Brawl Stage Builder. This editor will attempt to prevent you from overlapping pieces, but it isn't always successful. Use the object outlines to tell if your objects are overlapping or not. You can disable the object outlines (for pretty screenshots and such) by clicking the button with the red companion cube.

There is no rotate feature.

Hi Penny Arcade people!

changelog (r.32+)